Election Information

Landowner Election

Initially, the Board of Supervisors was established as set fourth in the District’s establishment ordinance/rule. Within ninety (90) days thereafter, the Supervisors were required to be elected on an at-large basis by the owners of the property within the District. Each landowner is entitled to one (1) vote for each acre of land owned by him or her and located within the District (with fractions thereof rounded upward to the nearest whole number). The two (2) Supervisor candidates receiving the highest number of votes were elected to four (4) year terms, with the three (3) Supervisor candidates receiving the next-largest number of votes receiving two (2) year terms. Thereafter, every two (2) years as terms expire; Supervisors are elected by landowners within the District.

During this phase, the only requirements of candidates are that they be Florida residents and United States citizens.

General Election

Commencing six (6) years after the initial appointment of Supervisors and once the District attains a minimum of two hundred and fifty (250) qualified electors; the positions of two (2) Supervisors whose terms are expiring are filled by qualified electors of the District, and are elected by the qualified electors of the District for four (4) year terms. A “qualified elector” in this instance is a registered voter who is a resident of the District and the State and a citizen of the United States. The remaining Supervisor whose term is expiring will be elected for a four (4) year term by the landowners within the District and is not required to be a qualified elector. Thereafter, as terms expire, all Supervisors must be qualified electors and will be elected by qualified electors and serve four (4) year terms with staggered expiration dates.

Candidates for the general election seats must be residents of the District and must have qualified to be on the ballot pursuant to the requirements of Florida. That criterion includes, but is not limited to, the filing of a financial disclosure form, declaring a campaign treasury, and paying filing fees. For more information regarding these requirements, please contact the Polk County Supervisor of Elections’ Office. Land ownership is not a requirement.

The next general election will be in November 2024 for Seats #1 and #2.

Latest Election Results

Seat Member Position Term
Seat #1 Tom Temple Vice Chairman Nov 2020 - Nov 2024
Seat #2 Natalie Holley Assistant Secretary Nov 2020 - Nov 2024
Seat #3 Jeff Walters Assistant Secretary Nov 2022 - Nov 2026
Seat #4 John Gierlach Assistant Secretary Nov 2022 - Nov 2026
Seat #5 Tonya Lockamy Chairperson Nov 2022 - Nov 2026